International Advisory Committee

Admissions for students from countries which have an academic exchange agreement with Brazil, whether or not there are spaces available and who are exempt from taking the entrance examination (“vestibular”).

Who is eligible? Official foreign diplomats in Brazil and their legal dependents; employees and technical personnel from international organizations who enjoy the privileges and immunities granted through agreements between Brazil and its organization; international technicians rendering services in Brazil under the technical or cultural cooperation agreement that exists between Brazil and their country of origin, including their legal dependents.

In order to participate, entitlement of courtesy enrollment must be presented to the Academic Administration Office by the date specified in the “Calendário Universitário” for the beginning of the semester. To do this, students must pay the registration fee, fill out the “Solicitação para Admissão” and “Registro of Aluno” forms, and present the following documents:

1) secondary school transcript, accompanied by a Statement of Equivalence issued by the Board of Education of Distrito Federal (state);
2) a photocopy of passport or diplomatic identity;
3) proof of payment of the registration fee;
4) documents in a foreign language must be certified by the Brazilian Consulate of the country in which they were issued and translated by a sworn public translator (translation is waived for the Spanish language);
5) any document bearing an original signature from the Brazilian Consul, valid throughout Brazil, does not require certification.

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