Student Visa (Temporary Visa IV)

Student visas are granted for temporary stays of up to 365 days, and may be renewed for another 365 days by the end of the course. Students accepted by or enrolled in undergraduate or graduate courses recognized by the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC) may apply for this visa. Holders of student visas may not be gainfully employed in Brazil.

Student visas must be requested from Brazilian consular services abroad. The required documents depend on the applicant’s country of origin. Applicants should contact the nearest consular service to determine the requirements in their country.
In general, the required documents include the following:

• two signed copies of the application form to be filled out;
• passport;
• statement from the Brazilian educational institution certifying that the applicant has been accepted or is enrolled in the intended course of study;
• declaration of financial responsibility issued by the body responsible (for scholarship recipients) or by the person responsible for the student;
• parental authorization (for minors);
• criminal record check;
• proof of means of entry into and departure from Brazil


The student visa may be extended through an application signed by the interested party and delivered to the Federal Police at least thirty days before expiration. Along with the petition, the student must hand in:

• proof of academic achievement and enrolment in the form of a statement from the post-secondary institution;
• a certified copy of the temporary document (identity card for foreigner);
• a clear and complete certified copy of passport (including all blank pages) or appropriate travel document being used;
• proof of sufficient funds during stay in Brazil;
• proof of payment of the GRU/Funapol fee (“Guia de Recolhimento da União”, utilized for the collection of taxes issued by the Federal Police pertaining to foreigners, private security, international transportation and weapons).

Other documents may be requested if necessary.

Information: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Itamaraty)

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