Graduate Invitations

Some graduate programs at the University of Brasilia offer places specifically for foreign students, or else permit interested persons with permanent residence abroad to apply for the available places. Each program is governed by its own letter of invitation, which determines the number of places, the period of application and the required documentation.

The stages of the selection process, the dates and times at which they will occur and the evaluation criteria are also specified in the invitations. In general, interested persons residing abroad are asked to include the following:

  • application form;
  • research proposal, in the form specified in the invitation;
  • identity document (passport);
  • copy of the transcript;
  • curriculum vitae;
  • certificate of conclusion of undergraduate studies (in the case of master’s degree programs);
  • copies of the undergraduate diploma and transcript and, for doctoral programs, of the master’s degree program).

Most of the programs require that the documents be translated into Portuguese by a sworn translator.

Applications may be submitted personally, at the place indicated in the invitation, or by mail. Classes at UnB are taught in Portuguese, and applicants must certify their proficiency in the language. Each program has its own way of measuring the student’s proficiency in the language. Evidence of proficiency may be provided through a declaration, a certificate or even a Portuguese test, in accordance with the invitation.

Those concluding an undergraduate degree or a master’s degree may apply to participate in the selection process for master’s and doctoral programs, respectively, provided they can conclude their undergraduate or master’s program by the first day of entry into the intended course of study, according to the academic calendar.

If the places reserved for foreign candidates residing abroad are not filled, the places may be filled by candidates residing in Brazil, respecting the order of classification.

In the following cases, the candidate shall be excluded from the selection process:

  • the candidate makes false declarations or presents false documents in any of the phases of the selection process;
  • the candidate does not does not present all the required documentation by the deadlines and within the conditions specified in the respective invitation;
  • if selected, the candidate does not confirm his or her participation in the program on the date specified in the invitation;
  • the candidate fails to appear at any of the stages of the selection process on the dates and at the times at which it is to commence.

The documents of those candidates who are not approved will be kept at the program office for up to three months subsequent to publication of the final results. At the end of that period, the documentation will be destroyed, unless the candidate provides a self-addressed envelope and pays the postal fees for it to be returned by mail, or else personally picks up his or her documentation.

To access the graduate invitations, click here.

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