About the institution

The University of Brasilia is an institution designed to combine the rigor of science with the boldness of art. UnB applies a three dimensional model of teaching, research and extension to its production of knowledge – which favours a top quality post-secondary education while respecting all forms of knowledge and its commitment to citizenship.

The University of Brasilia was inaugurated on April 21, 1962. Currently, it has approximately 2,538 teachers, 6,960 dedicated staff, 30,757 undergraduates and 8,913 graduate students. The University houses 26 faculties and schools and has 18 centers dedicated to specialized research on four campuses: the Darcy Ribeiro Campus (main campus) and three other sites (Ceilândia, Gama and Planaltina).


The University offers a total of 105 undergraduate programs, 30 of which are evening programs and a further 10 via distance education. There are also 147 graduate degree programs (stricto sensu) and 22 specialist programs (lato sensu). The University is home to some outstanding facilities including the University Hospital, the Central Library, the Veterinary Hospital, and the Água Limpa (Clean Water) Farm.


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